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  • Realize your Purpose in 5 Steps

    1. Brainstorm based on your passion(s) 2. Let your imagination takeover 3. Identify resources and needs 4. Get started by taking the first three (3) Steps 5. Did you guess it already...that's right repeat...repeat..repeat OUR GOAL AT PURPOSELYY IS TO HELP YOU WITH THAT LAST STEP. Keep coming back to add ideas to your project. Create or get help from others. Most importantly, keep coming back if only to remind yourself of your purpose. It not just you commiting to realize your purpose. It's all of us supporting you on this journey PURPOSELYY.....

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  • Home | Purposelyy

    Home DEVELOP YOUR PURPOSE SHARE YOUR PURPOSE GET RESOURCES BECOME A RESOURCER PURPOSELYY INSIGHTS PURPOSELYY GROUPS SEARCH SHOP FILE Landing Page Who you are matters. What you love matters. Take the next step and learn how to develop your purpose. DEVELOP YOUR PURPOSE Evolve your purpose by sharing. Connect with others based on similar purposes. Share in creating something bigger. SHARE YOUR PURPOSE GET RESOURCES Surround yourself with the right people. Find people you can trust. Sharing benefits your personal and collective well-being. Craft a life of Meaning and Impact. Make What you do matter. Create a better Future. ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE Become a Resourcer BECOME A RESOURCER is the only place where we keep record of doing good. Build a Resume of helping others achieve purpose. Allows you to use your connections and wisdom as resources that can be monetized. OUR MISSION Help you develop and share with the world your Purpose. ​Provide a place where everyone can follow and support yours' or other's Purposes Make achieving your purpose fun and worthwhile. BELIEFS We believe in you and want you to succeed. We believe together we can make this a better place. We believe in acknowledging people for their meaningful contributions. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ WE PLEDGE TO: NOT TO SPAM NOT MISUSE OR SELL YOUR DATA REMOVE NEGATIVITY ASAP HELP SHOW THE WORLD YOUR PURPOSE HELP FIND THE RESOURCES TO ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE PROVIDE A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN SHOW THE WORLD YOUR PURPOSE. ETCH IN HISTORY YOUR CONTRIBUTION(S). Learn More Beta Mode Yes, That's Right! We are launching PURPOSELYY and building the site at the same time. So, please be patient and thank you for signing up to join our Beta community!

  • Home | Purposelyy

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  • Members | Purposelyy

    Find Resources by connecting with like-minded others who may share your passion. They may even be able to help you achieve your purpose. Become a resource by sharing resources with others. If resources are exchanged for fees please be aware that that Purposelyy can not be held responsible for any negligence or problems that may arise.

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